Christian Orthodox Family Festival in Canada


Second Festival of the Orthodox Family in Canada took place on June 17, 2017 in Hamilton. It was a family oriented event dedicated to the orthodox family values ​​and traditions. Various ethnic communities enjoyed Russian songs and dances, the show, master classes on creative arts for children and adults, educational programs, presented by private schools, lessons on spiritual development and, of course, the taste of traditional Russian pies and pancakes !All these have created an extraordinary atmosphere!

Fr.Vladimir of the Holy Trinity Church, who is the patron of the festival, as always, has opened it with the words of encouragement and wisdom. There were several teachers, psychologists and educators among the guests of the festival.  Canadian writer and philosopher Rami Bleckt (Rami Bleckt) spoke about the importance of preserving family traditions and passing them on to the children.

The organizers wholeheartedly thank everyone who took part in the festival, performed, shared their knowledge and volunteered at the event.

Our gratitude to all who support our festival and take care of our traditions! We are waiting for you at the next Family Festival!