Donation to the Alexander Palace State Museum at “Tsarskoe Selo” by the Russian community in Canada

October 20, 2107 is marked by a significant event for the entire Russian community of Canada.

On this day XI Alexandrovsky Ball , the first joint project of the Russian Congress of Canada and the Slavic Culture Association “Svetoch” with the support of the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum, was held in the city of  Toronto, province of Ontario. The purpose of this event  is to return cultural values ​​to Russia as  expression of our love and gratitude to the Russian culture.

Following the traditions of patronage of the Russian foreign community, the Russian Congress of Canada and the Svetoch Association have donated historical objects related to the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II to the State Museum Reserve Tsarskoye Selo i n Pushkin, St. Petersburg. This year, the gifts were handed over to  Tatyana Sierpinskaya, the main curator of the Tsarskoe Selo museum, who came to Toronto for this purpose.

Here is the list of gifts  from the Russian Canadians to the museum:
• A plate with a portrait of Nicholas II with inscriptions “Moscou 1886″, “Paris 1893″.
• A plate with a portrait of Alexandra Feodorovna.
• A plate with a portrait of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna with inscriptions “Paris Octobre 1896″.
• An enameled mug with the monogram of Nicholas and Alexandra Feodorovna and the coat of arms with  inscription “1896”.
• Silk handkerchief with  inscription “Paris, 1891, 1896, 1893″.
• Commemorative medal with  inscription “In M Nicholas II, the Emperor and the Tsar of All Russia.” On the back: “Crowned in Moscow. May 14, 1896 ».

We thank the museum for extended friendship, which turns 13 this year, and we hope that it will last for many years. Let our gift serve as a symbol of the deep ties of our multinational Russian-speaking community with Russia.