Protest At Turkish Consulate In Toronto


November 29, Toronto.

The Russian Congress of Canada held a protest in front of the Consulate General of Turkey office. People came to express their resentment towards the Turkish Air Force act of aggression against Russia.

On November 24, Turkish aircraft violated international norms and entered Syrian airspace, where it ambushed the Russian bomber jet Su-24 that participated in the fight against specific terrorist groups in Syria recognized by the UN.

After attacking the Russian aircraft, Turkish armed forces not only failed to make an attempt and rescue the crew, as it is specified in the international law, but shot one of the pilots dead while he was descending by parachute. Another Russian helicopter was shot down in the rescue operation and the pilot was killed as well. Turkish government is fully responsible for downing the Russian military jet, the helicopter, and the death of two pilots. Being a member of NATO, Turkey is trying to involve the military bloc into a confrontation with Russia by openly provoking a conflict.

Aggressive actions of the Turkish leader showed his full involvement in the terrorist activities in the Middle East. It is no secret, that in addition to providing political cover for terrorists, the current Turkish government is actively involved in the business of buying crude oil from them and reselling it to Western countries. The Turkish government supports terrorist groups operating in Russia, Syria, Iraq and provides them with money, firearms and manpower.

Members of the Russian Congress of Canada condemn such actions and urge Canadian government to participate in a detailed investigation since the actions demonstrated by Turkey fall under the definition of war crimes, as well as to seek punishment for those who are responsible.