RCC statement on CBC coverage of the Rossiya 1 report on the Ukrainian Canadian Diaspora

This open letter is in regards to the broadcast by Moscow correspondent Chris Brown on CBC: The National aired on January 15, 2019 ( https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/top-russian-news-host-takes-aim-at-ukrainian-canadians-1.4980859 ). This broadcast covered the video report on the Ukrainian Canadian Diaspora, produced by the journalist of the Russian National TV Channel Rossiya 1 (Russia 1) Anton Lyadov and aired in the weekly news review on Sunday, January 13 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYotE8i8Oyo ).

Russian Congress of Canada (RCC) would like to express its concern about the CBC inconsistencies and purposeful distortion of the information, contained in the Russian report. Mr. Brown claimed that the woman, who Lyadov interviewed in his report, is listed as the director of the Russian Congress of Canada. Chris Brown stated her name – Irina Bronnikova. Claim that she is the director of the Russian Congress of Canada is not correct and it could be easily fact-checked in open government sources, such as the Federal Corporation Information.

Furthermore, Chris Brown’s comment about the RCC as “a group seen as very pro-president Vladimir Putin”, is not true. The position papers and statements, issued by the RCC, reflect solely the views of the members of the RCC who are Canadian citizens and have the right to exercise freedom of speech and opinion, guaranteed by The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The RCC, as an organization representing Russian speaking Canadians of various ethnicities, strongly condemns any ideology, based on racism and intolerance towards others. RCC is an independent civic Canadian non-for-profit organization, which does not have any financial support from other organizations or other countries. It is run by volunteers, and exists on the membership fees and donations as well as on occasional support from Canadian grants.

We regret that the CBC, by omitting some historical facts and distorting the report, produced by a Russian journalist and based on easily verifiable facts, contribute to the disinformation and confusion that flooded the media space between Russia and Canada. It will not improve the relations between the two countries. We call upon the CBC to uphold standards of professional journalism and provide truthful, unbiased information about Russia and Russian communities.

Board of Directors RCC