RCC Manifest

The Russian Congress of Canada (thereinafter “the Russian Congress”) is an organization that unites all those, living in Canada, who consider themselves a part of the Russian World and wish to  preserve and advance the Russian spiritual, historical and cultural heritage as well as the philosophy of life originating  from the multi-century experience of our people.

At the same time, the mission of the Russian Congress is to promote and present true information about Russia and its activities on the international arena in the Canadian society in a politically correct, benevolent and tactful manner, as well as to convey the history of Russian immigrants and their contribution to the development of Canada.

The Russian Congress strives to assist with the integration of its members into the daily life of Canada in a more effective and seamless way by providing them with the counselling, legal, financial, and moral support. This support is also important when representatives from the Russian diaspora are nominated for public service positions to voice the concerns of the Russian community at large.

We, members of the Russian Congress, have to make every effort in facilitating and supporting the growth of trustful relationships with all ethnic communities in Canada, and contribute to the advancement and strengthening of friendly relations between Canada and Russia.

Representing the Russian diaspora in Canada and expressing its views, the Russian Congress has a goal to assist members of the Russian community and contribute to their well-being in the social, economic, political, and cultural areas of the Canadian society.

While being a non-religious organization, the Russian Congress at the same time respects traditional for the Russian World Orthodox spiritual and moral values; therefore, strengthening the ideals based on traditional Orthodox values is one of the intentions of the Russian Congress.

Without a doubt the main effort should be focused on upbringing and education of our children, many of whom are born in Canada, away from their historical motherland. For that reason, establishing educational and cultural centers as well centers for the Russian community is of vital importance.

All the above-mentioned is the Manifesto of the Russian Congress that determines the most general approaches of this organization in regards to the life and interaction within the Canadian society.

All specific objectives of the Russian Congress and ways of their implementation should be defined by and carried out in accordance with this Manifesto and exclusively under the laws of Canada. It will not only allow every member of the Russian community to live a successful and meaningful life in Canada, but will also result in consolidation of the community itself and increase its weight and influence in the Canadian society, as well as allow us to preserve our language, culture, and traditions and pass them on to generations to come.