Statement on the Turkish act of aggression against Russia

detail_54603b4e24c7c75c3023de51670e3f99The Russian Congress of Canada expresses its strong resentment towards the Turkish Air Force act of aggression against the Russian Federation in its struggle with terrorist groups led by IS in Syria.

Russia’s antiterrorist operation in Syria is fully in line with the Charter of the United Nations and the request of the legitimate President Bashar Assad.

Turkish Air Force made an unprovoked attack on the Russian warplane Su-24 and shot it down over the Syrian territory.

Clearly, these actions could qualify Turkey as an accomplice to the terrorist groups, which smuggle oil from Iraq and Syria to Turkey, as well as receive a supply of men, firearms and money from Turkey. This became evident from the numerous reports presented at the G20 Antalya summit and satellite images offered by both Russia and NATO.

We appeal to the Canadian government, a member of NATO, to conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation into the actions of its military block partner and condemn such actions that hinder the efforts of Russia, France and other countries to fight against global terrorism in accordance with the UN resolutions.

RCC is also concerned with the safety of the Russian pilots and expects them to be found and released.

Valentin Lossev, President