XII Alexander Ball in Toronto

The unique XIII Alexander Ball, dedicated to the era of Soviet cinema, was held in Toronto on October 19, 2019!
This is a project of the Russian Congress of Canada and the “Svetoch” Association of Slavic Culture with the support of the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum Reserve in Pushkino, Russia.
This ball is associated with the Alexander Palace-Museum-Reserve in Tsarskoye Selo near St. Petersburg, whose representatives are guests of the ball every year. The Alexander Ball is a project that allows not only to maintain a connection between the Russian-speaking community and its historical homeland, but also to continue the traditions of Russian philanthropy. The charitable part of the ball is the transfer of relics related to the history of Russia to the museum.
The guests were greeted by: President of the Svetoch Association of Slavic Culture Zinaida Volodina, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Toronto KS Mikhailov, President of the Russian Congress of Canada Vladislav Fedorov, publisher of St. Petersburg magazine Sofia Tovmasyan. This year, guests were offered a trip to the world of Soviet cinema. Time turned back – guests sat at tables with recognizable heroes of Soviet films. Singers and artists of the theaters of Toronto and Montreal filled the evening with their favorite songs and funny stories.
Six rare books about the royal family will leave for the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Reserve. This is a charity contribution of our community to the exposition of one of the most famous museums in Russia.
The pleasant part of the ball was a free lottery.
And the exclusive cake specially made for the ball finished the ball.
The organizers of the XIII Alexandrovsky Ball sincerely thank everyone who helped, supported and participated in this event.
Many thanks to the guests of the ball and all those who spent this wonderful evening with us!
See you at the XIV Alexander Ball in 2020!

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