Presentation of the Russian Congress of Canada


On March 8, 2015 the Russian Congress of Canada (RCC) held its presentation in Toronto. All members of the National Council, friends and activists were present at the event. Among the guests were also media representatives, a member of Slav community, and a delegate from the Russian Consulate in Toronto. The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere with tea and pies and turned into a live and constructive conversation.

Archpriest Vladimir Malchenko, the pastor of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, opened the meeting and explained to the participants why there was a reason to form an organization that would take on the task of protecting the interests of the Russian people in Canada and unite them into one strong community. It is with this purpose in mind the Russian Congress of Canada was founded on October 7, 2014.

Then Valentin Lossev, the President of the RCC took the floor. Valentin, first of all, on behalf of the Congress and personally wished a happy International Women’s Day to all the women in the room. He proceeded with reading the Manifest of the RCC and highlighted the wide spectrum of activities of the Congress. This included the meticulous work of the organizing Committee on creating the founding documents of the RCC, and the numerous activities the Congress was able to accomplish in such a short period of its existence.
Valentin also announced members of the National Council and the appointment of duties among the members according to the Committees.

Special thanks were given to our activists for all their tireless work.

Heads of Committees also had an opportunity to describe the purpose of each given Committee, what has been done already, and line of work for the nearest future. Each of the speakers also briefly introduced themselves and shared their vision of the Russian community in Canada and their aspirations and skills that led them to join the Congress and make it possible to offer their services in order to achieve our common goal.

Members of the National Council have repeatedly stressed in their speeches that the Russian Congress of Canada welcomes and is ready to cooperate with anyone who wishes to strive for the stable position of the Russian diaspora in Canada and for the preservation and development of Russian culture and language, our moral and spiritual values, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation, association with any political parties in Canada, or other distinctive attributes.

Let’s build our strength on our spirit and our Russian core!

At the end of the meeting the majority of participants became members of the Russian Congress of Canada.