11th Alexander Palace Ball

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 Russian Congress of Canada and Slavic Culture Society “Svetoch” present a unique social cultural event founded by The Friends of “Tsarskoe Selo” Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Alexander Palace Ball is a historical costume ball founded in 2004 and inspired by different periods in Russia’s history that are recreated through the  spirit, fashion and cuisine.

This year, the event theme is recreating the era of Boyar’s Rus , famous for its ornate Boyars’ costumes and splendid parties. The Ball will feature an exhibition of gifts that will be donated to the Museum on behalf of the Russian community in Toronto, a display of artifacts from private collections, “Rus Boyarskaya” show, lottery, dance and, of course, the dinner that will introduce the guests to the best of Russian cuisine.

And finally, the ball organizers will try to surprise the guests with take-home keepsake.

Guests are expected in period costumes or evening attire (black and white tie).

The 11th annual Alexander Palace Ball will be held on October 20th, 2017, at the Elite Grande Banquet Hall, located at 1126 Finch Avenue, Toronto, ON M3J 3J6.

Information about the event : 416-878-3160 (Zinaida) or 514-966-4160 (Lidia).

Tickets: PayPal  http://russiancongresscanada.org/events-ru/alexanderball/

or by e-transfer to events@russiancongresscanаda.org

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answer:  TORONTO
Only 100 tickets on sale. $120 (drinks included)

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