11th Alexander Palace Ball

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October 14, 2017

Buy tickets on-line Alexander Ball tickets 1 ticket — $120.00 CAD2 tickets — $240.00 CAD3 tickets — $360.00 CAD4 tickets — $480.00 CAD  Russian Congress of Canada and Slavic Culture Society “Svetoch” present a unique social cultural event founded by The Friends of “Tsarskoe Selo” Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Alexander Palace Ball is a historical costume ball founded in 2004 and inspired by different periods in Russia’s history…


RCC Statement on Libel and Slander

October 7th, 2017 -Toronto The Russian Congress of Canada has on numerous occasions explained that the organization has been created by the Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada without any official or unofficial sponsorship from any third party. We unite Russian-speaking Canadians of any ethnic origin on the basis of their shared interest to the Russian culture and history, as well as well-being of people of the multinational Russian…

October 8, 2017