RCC expresses condolences over the Russian passenger plane crash in Egypt

The Russian community in Canada is deeply saddened by the horrific tragedy that took place in Egypt, where the Russian airliner crashed 20 minutes after leaving Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Egypt, that took  lives of 224 passengers, including 25 children. Most of them were Russian citizens, four Ukrainian and one Belorusian citizens. On behalf of Canadian people of Russian descent the Russian Congress of Canada would like to extend sincere…

October 31, 2015

Russian Congress of Canada address to the memebers of the Russian community before 2015 Federal election

October 18, 2015

  Dear Friends,   On October 19th, you along with millions of other Canadians will be making a very important decision. The outcome of the election will determine not only who will form the next Government, but also what Canada will we live in, what legacy will we leave to our children. Your voice, your vote, your support for the candidate, your intelligent decision will make a real difference.  …


Address to Candidates in 2015 Federal Election

Toronto – October 2015. The Russian Congress of Canada (RCC) released an address to the candidates in 2015 Canadian federal elections on the issues related to the current Canada-Ukraine foreign policy  and its affect on Russian and Ukrainian diasporas, as a matter of high importance to both communities. The statement is available for downloads here:    Address to Candidates The RCC National Council encourages RCC members, its friends, and members…

October 7, 2015