Meeting with the members of the Russian-Canadian Trade mission

August 21, 2015 – Toronto

The Senior Trade Commissioner of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Canada Konstantin Trofimov and the Deputy Commissioner Igor Prigaro had a meeting with the members of the Russian-Canadian mission and the general public. The members of the Russian Congress of Canada were among those invited to the meeting.

The issues of development of bilateral relations in trade and economic sphere under the conditions of sanctions enacted by the Canadian Government against Russia were discussed in the course of this informal meeting. It was noted, in particular, that the sanctions hurt both Russian and Canadian companies: in the first half of 2015, the volume of total trade turnover has decreased by almost half compared with the same period of 2014; the exports of Canadian products significantly decreased. A number of important projects had been frozen at the government level. Canada unilaterally suspended the work of the bilateral intergovernmental commissions and working groups on such important areas as cooperation in energy, space exploration, agriculture, construction and infrastructure.
However, despite some difficulties, private enterprises and companies continue to work on mutually beneficial projects both in trade and in investment.
Russian trade mission invites Canadian entrepreneurs to cooperation and participation in the economic forums, and export and investment exhibitions and fairs held in Russia.