The Information and Press Department of MFA of Russia on the new Canadian sanctions against Russia


We are disappointed with Canada’s decision to expand the anti-Russia “black list” in the context of developments in Ukraine. Contrary to statements by the new Government of Justin Trudeau about a striving to act in the spirit of cooperation in international relations, Ottawa continues to aggravate a negative situation. The tendency to look to Washington, which is demanding that its allies hold their ranks on the “sanctions front” against Russia and a desire to meet the demands of Canada’s own anti-Russian lobby, have overcome a natural desire to establish more constructive relations with Russia.

The new Canadian government had a chance to overcome the impasse in bilateral dialogue that was inherited from the previous administration. Unfortunately, Ottawa has failed to take advantage of this opportunity, and we will certainly take this fact into account. This unfriendly step will not go unheeded, and countermeasures will follow.