Paschal Greetings from the Russian Congress of Canada

The Russian Congress of Canada wholeheartedly greets the Russian Canadian community and all our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Canada, Russia and Ukraine, with the bright feast of Pascha of Christ, which has become the most important event in the history of the salvation of the humananity We pray for revival of traditional spiritual and moral values, education of the younger generation based on those values, and strive for the protection of family, motherhood and childhood. We wish…

May 1, 2016

RCC Open Letter regarding Kyiv Pechersk Lavra in Ukraine: New attempt to seize the UOC shrine

THE OPEN LETTER OF THE RUSSIAN CONGRESS OF CANADA REGARDING THE ATTEMPT OF UKRAINIAN AUTHORITY TO SEIZE THE PROPERTY AND SHRINE OF THE UKRANIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH BY UKRAINIAN AUTHORITIES The Russian Congress of Canada has learned of an Internet petition urging the transfer of the Kiev Caves Monastery of the Dormition from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (sometimes called the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate) to the schismatic…

December 11, 2015

Op-Ed by Very Rev. Archpriest Vladimir Malchenko

This open letter with regards to the March 5, 2015 press release of Peter Goldring, MP from Edmonton East ( ) was written by the Very Rev. Archpriest Vladimir Malchenko, Rector of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (Toronto, ON), head of the RCC Committee for Religious Affairs, and confirmed by the Russian Congress of Canada.  To the Most Reverend Bishops, Clergy, Pious Laity Of the Orthodox Church, And…

April 22, 2015

Meeting with Peter Goldring, MP for Edmonton East

On February 20, 2015, representatives of the Russian Congress of Canada and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad had the pleasure of meeting with Peter Goldring, Member of Parliament for Edmonton East. Peter Goldring shared his UKRAINE MISSION REPORT which he compiled after his trip to Ukraine on May 7- June 1, 2014 and presented to the Canadian Parliament. The Very Rev. Fr. Vladimir Malchenko, Rector of the Holy Trinity parish…

February 20, 2015

RCC on the Statements made by Andrew Bennett, Canada’s Religious Freedom Ambassador

Andrew Bennett, Canada’s Religious Freedom Ambassador (article by Mike Blanchfield of the Canadian Press, October 6th, 2014) has made a number of deeply misleading, inaccurate, and contentious statements that have caused serious concern and outrage among Canada’s Orthodox Community. In that article, he is reported to have accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of having a “calculated plan” to “systematically target” and “orchestrate the persecution of Orthodox Christians, Catholics, and Muslim…

October 20, 2014